Thai Tea

Thai Tea


Known as "Cha-Yen" in Thailand, made from strongly brewed black tea, spices then sweetened with sugar and condensed milk. A delicious orange colored beverage with great presentation forming layers by the milk.

Making Thai Ice Tea, serves 6

you will need - 6 cups of fresh spring water, 1 cup of Thai Tea measured, ½ cup of sugar, approximate 6 tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk, 6 tablespoon of evaporated milk (refrigerated) or use half and half and last crushed ice for serving.

Place tea in teapot, set aside. Heat kettle, bringing water to rapid boil. Pour boiling water over tea and steep for 5 minutes. Remove infused tea, next add sugar to hot liquor & condensed milk to dissolve. Transfer to clean container, let cool to room temp. When ready to serve, pour Thai Tea in glass with crushed ice, add evaporated milk or half and half to top off each glass (about 1 tablespoon). Do not swirl until ready to drink.

May substitute milk for non-dairy soy milk, rice milk, silk or coconut milk for a Vegan treat.

• Compliment to hot meals
• Excellent iced tea
• Popular
• Sweet and fragrant

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