Milk Oolong Reserve

Milk Oolong Reserve

The first few cups of Milk Oolong will release and enchanting scent and an addictive taste, the next few will be the familiar flavor of jin xuan Oolong, a boldness of  black and crisp green tea.  This Chinese tea is said to have "the ability to make people forget all their worries", getting rid of impurities found in the blood. This helps boost an individuals health as they not only get blood flowing in the veins, boosting the body's immune system naturally to maintain good health. Aromatic bright green leaves create a fine golden brew with creamy aroma, like a milky floral flavor. A delicate milk scent of the tea is brought on by a sudden change of harvest, spite of its name this tea contains no milk or dairy flavoring or additives. Our Milk Oolong Reserve is not available for back orders.

• "nai xiang" milk aroma
• Approx. 10% of the caffeine content of coffee
• Excellent taste
• Multiple steeps
• Supports good health & wellness

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