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ITOVi Scans

Itovi portable Bluetooth scanning device identifies unresolved biopoints of clients and gives product suggestions based on that client’s specific wellness needs.Individual Personalized  Scans or Follow up Scans include a detailed report containing specific information regarding your wellness using Essential Oils, Minerals, Vitamins and Supplements that may influence your emotional, environmental and physical wellness.Recommend follow up appointment at least  3-4 weeks after initial Scan.
You must be in person to receive the scan, agree and accept the Cancellation Policy when purchasing.
  • Itovi Scan Cancellation Policy

    Our Cancellation policy is non refundable, Once an appointment has been purchased, you may reschedule your appointment within 30 days with no additional cost.  Appointments scheduled after the 30 days will require full purchase.  You may cancel and reschedule your appointment up to 48 hours prior your appointment. Anything therafter is subject to no refundable, future appointment purchases will be required. All Subject to availablity

    Upon purchase you agree and accept this cancellation policy which applies to all Itovi Scans.

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