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Goji Sunrise

GOJI SUNRISEPremium White Tea with Goji berries then a splash of orange wedges, lemons and calendula, today's early sunrise made with tea.Goji berries have naturally occurring minerals (Zinc, Germanium, Selenium, Zinc, Iron, Copper and Phosphorus) and contain 19 amino acids including Isoleucine and Methione., this is 6 times more than bee pollen provides. The Linoleic acid that is found in Goji berries promotes body fat loss. These berries contain around 21 % fiber by weight. they help convert food into energy and make the process more efficient. On a regular basis other benefits have been noticeable such as better eyesight, great hair color, improved libido, improvement in mood, more quality sleep, A definite enhancement in their energy levels, and over all a brighter outlook on life. Dried Goji berries are a great way to improve your health while enjoying a tasty treat made with tea.
  • Details

    • Delicate
    • Full of antioxidants
    • Low caffeine
    • Supports good health & wellness

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