Glass Teapots

Glass Teapots

This is an awesome way to display your tea, hand blown glass, lightweight, clear, heat tempered glass that adds plenty of ahhh's to any tea as you watch leaves unfurl and bloom. A variety of different skillfully handmade styles to choose from, priced accordingly.
As with any glass be sure to rinse with warm/hot water before adding hot temperatures using safe kitchen techniques.
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    CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Do not heat up glass teapots/mugs without liquid. Avoid sudden cooling of glass teapots/mugs and never place glass teapots on cold or wet surfaces. Do noT cook glass teapot/mug on the range. Do not heat glass teapots/mugs in the microwave oven without liquid. Glass teapots/mug are easy to clean by hand washing or dishwasher safe do not use any abrasive cleaners or steel wool. May withstand temperatures ranging from -68°F to 300°F. Our glassware is all handmade.

    Hand Blown Borosilicate Glass:
    Heat Tempered from -68°F to 300°F:

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