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Flowering Tea

Flowering Tea

This bouquet of beautiful teas are visualy delightful and pleasing to the senses.Each Tea bulb is first hand- picked, next hand-sewn using Premium High Quality Green Tea and Fresh Flowers.Our Blooming Teas are Individually woven together and tied using a delicate cotton thread, and lastly dried into a round or mushroom shaped bulb by skilled masters to release into a full flower bloom often using only the petals of flowers and delicate tea leaves.When the bulb is steeped in nearly boiling water 170-185* degree) for 3-4 muinutes a well crafted design will bloom, it is important to use a heat tempered glass container or tea pot for optimal flattery in appearance of a blooming flower.Each individual bulb may be re-steeped up to three times.Blooming teas unlike traditonal loose green tea is not bitter to taste,The most common flowers used are Chyrsanthemum, Globe of Amaranth, Jasmine, Lily, Lotus and RoseFancy display of tea leaves perfectly tied together, enjoyable to watch.*Sold as a Bouquet Variety Assortment 2oz.(10 bulbs)** Glass Teacup w/lid sold seperately includes 5 assorted bulbs only.
  • Tea Assortment

    CHEERFUL JASMINE - Globe of Amaramth, Green Tea and Fragrant Jasmine Aroma.

    ORGANIC PEACH - More than a handful of Jasmine Flowers, Chrysanthemums, Green Tea and Natural Peach Flavor

    DOUBLE HAPPINESS - Great tasting green tea with Chrysanthemums Amaranth and Jasmine Flowers.

    LYCHEE - Fine hand tied Green tea with a string of jasmine flowers and a lotus flower with lychee flavor.

    PASSION FRUIT - Attractive Green tea, a string of jasmine flowers connected by an amaranth globe cushioned on a chrysanthemum flower flavored with passion fruit.

  • 10 oz. Glass Teapot w/ lid

    Hand blown glass, lightweight, clear, heat tempered glass  

    holds up to 10oz liquid, perfect for blooming tea display, and Oolong Teas.

    teacup with handle, a removable glass filter and lid for covering use at home, the office or give as a gift.

    As with any glass be sure to rinse with warm/hot water before adding hot temperatures using safe kitchen techniques

    3pcs. Glass Teacup includes 5 Flowering Teas with purchase.

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