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Elephantino Porcelain Tea Pot w/ Infuser & Lid

Elephantino Porcelain Tea Pot w/ Infuser & Lid

The perfect pot of the for one.BOILING WATER: Full boil for black tea, light boil for green tea.TEA. ONE – TWO TSP: Moore for larger leaf, less for smaller.TIME: Steep for 4 mins or more for larger leaf, less for smaller.REFILL: Many teas such as jasmine can be infused more than once.The finest teas start with just the very small blossoms, the two leaves and a bud of the tea flower. We hope you enjoy using your elephantine tea pot!16 oz. single serving teapot with elephant knob & infuser
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    Oh hey! I forgot to tell you that a nice tea pot like this one will “season” with use. If you rinse with water only, it will slowly darken and age on the inside. On the other hand, if you’d like it to stay white, please feel free to use soap or put your Elephantino in the dishwasher.

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