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Brewing 1 Cup of Tea...

Begin by scooping 1 heaping teaspoon of tea leaves, using 6-8 fluid oz. natural spring water, heat to desired temperature.

Brew times and temperatures are suggestions, experiment for your perfect cup.

(160°F - 180°F white/green 2-4min., 180°F - 190°F


Simply, Add Moore Tea for stronger flavor and double the tea amount for Ice Tea.

Our Loose Teas are available in 4oz or 1/2 pound. We do not back order any teas as many selections are available by season from around the world and can not promise availability although commit to delivering Fresh Premium Tea with each purchase. We suggest you select your tea today and purchase today.

4oz. loose tea=40-60 cups

1/2 lb. loose tea=about 90 cups or 5 gallons

Approx. cups does not include multiple steep.




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