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Moore Tea..

A family name and tea business offering true hospitality in a cup of tea.


I can remember as a child my mother would prepare me a cup of tea, although I loved the tea, I enjoyed dropping one ice cube at a time inside my cup. As I watched the ice cubes melt into this hot liquid that somehow always made me feel good, I sipped and fantasized about being much older-an adult. I never knew exactly what was inside the little square white bag but I knew it was "tea" after all, my mother said so. She had her cup and I had mine. After having children of my own I began this same ritual. I prepared them a cup of tea, only now much older i somehow made that same cup of tea just as special for my own children with a hint of milk and sugar. My kids began to also slowly sip and fantasize of being adults; this now became their happy ritual.

I don't recall exactly when I discovered what was inside that white bag although I became intrigued. I explored the contents of different aromas, and colors in the bags each containing something different, but repeatedly tasted uniquely good. Many cups later I continued to be fascinated, always adding new found teas to my palate. I gradually became inspired to study my interests, and nurture my knowledge of teas graduating in 2010 from Specialty Tea Institute of New York, NY subsequently becoming a “Certified Tea Specialist". I learned many facets about Tea, acquiring this certification will allow me to enlighten others about premium loose leaf teas, while of course continuing to enjoy More Tea. With My much awaited passion of tea I bring to you Moore Tea.


"Tea is a Healthy Beverage, next to water if it makes you happy and makes you feel good then it makes you Healthy".  – MARKITA

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